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We Cried Reading This..... We're So Very Thankful.

Niagara Hobby & Craft Mart

The following offers a narrative for what Brick & Mortar experiences are all about... and the Internet is unable to offer......  We are grateful for these words for they reflect the mission of our founder- sharing.


My son and I are deeply saddened by the closing of the store. He has been coming to your establishment since he was three years old. He's now ten. He loves trains! He came in on so many occasions simply to watch the trains on the models.

My son is on the Autism Spectrum and your store provided so much comfort and happiness to him. It was always a special treat when he could go and spend a few hours and leave with either a Thomas train another type of model or a craft to do. I had to break the news to him yesterday and he was devastated.. We will be by this Saturday for one last goodbye.

Thank you for allowing children (everyone!) to enjoy your hobby store for so many years! It will be greatly missed!


J and K"

15 September 2017