Niagara Hobby & Craft Mart

Celebrating Families, Building Traditions.... All In One Place. Focusing on products that you and your family will grow with... not grow out of. Products that children can enjoy alone, parents can enjoy with their children, and grandparents can enjoy with their grandchildren.

In order to purchase products from us, customers must provide their valid Tattoo/Body Piercing Artist License/Certificate!  We will maintain a photocopy on file.

Some of the brands/products that we offer include: Kingpin Needles, Envy Needles, Magazines, Critical Tattoo, A+D Foil Packets, After Inked, Black Dragon Gloves, Cosco Green Soap, Defend, Dental Bibs, Dettol, Diablo Hybrid& Kami Rotary Machines, Dri-Lock, Dynamic Ink, Envy, Eternal Ink, Fusion Ink, Ink Cups (#9 & #11), Intenze, Kuro Sumi, Mom's Ink, Petrify, Phantom Gloves, Precision Bottle Bags, Precision Clip Cord Covers, Precision Needles, Precision Washer Bottles, Radiant Color, Sensi-Wrap Adhesive Bandages, 2nd Skin, Spirit Thermal Paper, Stencil Stuff 8oz, Talens Drawing Ink, Tat Soul Spearman, Gorilla, Dynarex,  and Tatu Derm amongst others.