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Father's Day....

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Father's Day..... It's become too focused upon marketing- purchasing a gift. That's not what Father's Day should be....

This morning, I viewed a photograph of my father, on an elephant while in India- an image of him with a camera aiming at me... He was smiling. Another image is the last one of him alive- again, smiling, and waving on a train.

So, for me, today is a series of moments; memories. Some great. Some good. Some bad (my behavior towards him).

This day can be about being with your father or being with the memory of your father. Either way, the relationship continues.

The gift is the memory. Of yesterday. The gift is the present. Of today.

Father/Son and Father/Daughter relationships are unique to each; the commonality is connection.

Sometimes, a father-figure is a father. That's equally significant; and can be more impactful than a relationship by blood.

And, there are instances where there is a lack of a father or a father-figure; so today may be sad, painful even. Or of no consequence.

Consider this day as one in a series of moments in our lives, where we define the meaning of a thought, a memory or a hug.... and prepare for tomorrow.