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UB School of Architecture and Planning Professor- Students Redo Project Because Of Professor's Error?

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This is strange....

For the last few days, students from the University of Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning have been visiting us to purchase supplies (primarily wood) to construct scale models for a class.

The students have shared that the class, approximately seventy-five (75) students, created the structures in a scale requested by the professor. Then, after the structures were completed, the professor shared that he made a mistake- the scale was incorrect.

The professor has required the students to create new structures- and thus purchase additional materials, rather than accommodating the error- which was not the fault of the students, and permitting the original structures to be presented and graded.

The students, who often are on scholarship and work one or two part-time jobs to pay for their classes and to support themselves while in school, now must find additional monies (and time) to pay for materials, pay for gasoline (for their vehicles), and possibly pay for additional supplies. Going to school is never getting less expensive; so every penny counts.

We provide a discount to students, but that only goes so far to remedy the issue.

While we may not have the complete story, there seems to be something wrong here.....