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Our 30th Anniversary!

On 16 October 1986, our founder, John Kavulich Sr., established Niagara Hobby & Craft Mart in the Town of Cheektowaga, thus returning to his retail roots....

The Binghamton Press
Binghamton, New York
2 January 1948

18-Year-Old Enrolled As C. of C. Member; In Business 3 Years
John Kavulich Operates Firm While Attending High School

Binghamton Chamber of Commerce today marked the beginning of the new year by enrolling its youngest member.  He is John Kavulich, 18, who operates the Binghamton Model Airplane Co., 70 Wall Street.  The new member has operated the company for the last three years, while attending Central High School from which he will be graduated this month.  The youthful businessman was signed up for chamber membership by Heath Andrews, youngest member of the chamber's staff.

In welcoming the new member, Carleton A. Cleveland, chamber president, said: "We congratulate you for being the youngest and newest member of 1948."  He said that Mr. Kavulich "typifies the American idea of opportunity in business for the young man."  

"You have used wisely," he continued, "our free educational advantages and your self-confidence.  You have put together ambition, hard work and decision.  We admire you for your courage to go into business for yourself while still in high school.  We hope that your Wall Street address is the omen of financial success."