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Every Friday Modified NASCAR Slot Car Race

Every Friday Modified NASCAR Race
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm  

Rules & Regulations

1.  No interior required; car will stay on track better without interior.

2.  NASCAR must have 2 magnets in the 2 NASCAR magnet departments.

3.  Total car magnet down force will be 475 without body 525 with body on.  We will set-up cars with a small added magnet to reach 475 down force.

4.  The gear ratio must be 11/36; you may use after-market parts such as or NSR gears as long as they are 11/36 gears.

5.  Any rim accepted; silicone or urethane super tires 1101 only; tire diameter 0.802" 20.37 mm 0.360" 9.14mm

6.  Motor will be the green NSR shark 30,000 rpm; no other motor accepted.

7.  Bronze bushings accepted no bearing bushing accepted

8.  Any guide accepted.

9.  Cars inspected before racing each week for down force and gear ratio.

10.  If you race you must marshal or you will not race with us the following week. If you are handicapped then we will find a marshal to fill in for you.